Dress Em Up Games


Pretty School Girl Pretty School Girl
Have fun dressing the pretty school girl in nice tops and bottoms. Experiment to create that perfect school outfit.
Night on the Town Night on the Town
Dress up the girl for a night out on the town. Try different makeup and dresses on this girl to make her stunning.
My Lovely Teacher My Lovely Teacher
Help the teacher impress her students by looking beautiful and stylish.

· Pirate Beauty Dressup


Celebrity Makeup

Angelina Jolie Makeover Angelina Jolie Makeover
Angelina Jolie has arrived at your salon and desires a makeover for a press shot.Make her hair, skin and accessories look perfect.
Taylor Swift MakeUp Taylor Swift MakeUp
Taylor Swift is a young American pop singer with several big hits. Enjoy applying eye shadow, lipstick and other makeup to Taylor.
Katy Perry Makeup Katy Perry Makeup
Katy Perry is a songwriter known for wearing unusual outfit and her unconventional tastes. Enjoy applying lipstick, blush and other makeup to Katy.

· Scarlett Johansson Celebrity Makeover


Celebrity Dressup

Chace Crawford Dressup Chace Crawford Dressup
Enjoy dressing the actor Chace Crawford, known from the popular Gossip Girl TV show.
Drake Bell Dressup Drake Bell Dressup
Enjoying dressing the young actor Drake Bell from The Amanda Show and known from his role on the series Drake & Josh, in different outfits.
Katherne Heigl Dressup Katherne Heigl Dressup
Have fun dressing the Hollywood Actress known for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy.

· Dakota Fanning DressUp



Full Closet Dressup Full Closet Dressup
This doll is blessed with a full closet of cool outfits and she needs to get dressed up. Help this beauty dress up in earrings and sunglasses and hats with shoes to match.
Strawberry Dolly Dressup Strawberry Dolly Dressup
Have fun dressing this strawberry red-headed girl in matching colored outfits.
Zelia Beach Dressup Zelia Beach Dressup
Dress up the doll Zelia in that perfect beach dress or outfit.

· Betty Doll Make Up



Flirt Dream Boy Flirt Dream Boy
Give yourself a quick makeover to look attractive enough to flirt with the boy.
Wedding Rush Wedding Rush
Help the bride do her hair and makeup before the wedding ceremony starts.
Sally DressUp Baby Sally DressUp Baby
Dress up baby Sally and make her look cute and sweet.

· Ben 10 Dressup



Formal Dress Up Formal Dress Up
She requires that formal look. Choose from several beautiful formal dresses and make her shine!
Rockstar Dressup Rockstar Dressup
She's a rockstar and needs to look the part. Have fun dressing her up.
Cool Girl Dressup Cool Girl Dressup
This young cool girl needs a sexy outfit to go out to a party in. Pick the perfect shirt and pants and a purse to match in this cool girl dressup game.

· Show Stairs Dressup



Bratz Pixiez Fortunes Bratz Pixiez Fortunes
Click the flower to see your daily fortune.
Bratz Mall Crawl Bratz Mall Crawl
The Big bully Duane is up to no good! Help Bratz Babyz defeat Duane and make it out of the mall!
Bratz Diamondz Glam Bratz Diamondz Glam
Match jewels and earn points. Collect all 4 Bratz icons to win the game!

· Bratz Fashion Designer


Barbie Dressup

Barbie in Cute Outfits Barbie in Cute Outfits
Choose a cute outfit for Barbie and make her stand out as a cutie!
Winter Fashion Barbie Winter Fashion Barbie
Winter dressup can be different. Give barbie the wintery look that only a true fashion designer could perfect.
Music Teacher Fashion Styling Music Teacher Fashion Styling
The music teacher at school dresses a little old fashioned. Enjoy dressing her in more popular oufits.

· Christmas Barbie Dressup


Girls Makeover

Mall Makeover Girl Mall Makeover Girl
Dress up and give a makeover to this girl for a shopping stroll in the mall.
Perfume Pretty Perfume Pretty
Give the pretty girl a makeover and the perfect perfume to impress her boyfriend.
Fashion Girls Makeover Fashion Girls Makeover
Have fun experimenting with different fashion accessories on the pretty young girl

· Punk Style Makeover


Halloween Dressup

Ben 10 Halloween Costumes Ben 10 Halloween Costumes
Have fun dressing Ben in different Halloween Costumes.
Vampire Bride Vampire Bride
Enjoy dressing a scary vampire couple, that falls in love every thousand years
Punk Halloween Dressup Punk Halloween Dressup
This girl loves Halloween and needs help in dressing up for a costume party.



Today's Most Popular

Sacha Scott Dressup Sacha Scott Dressup (4 today)
Sacha Scott was Miss Bahamas Universe 2008. Dress this beauty in elegant and formal gowns and dresses, befitting a beauty title holder.
Burning Secret Burning Secret (3 today)
Dress up the noblewoman standing next to the burning fireplace.
Winter Lake Holiday Winter Lake Holiday (3 today)
Experiment with new winter fashion items on the pretty girl until you find the perfect combination.
Jennifer Garner Celebrity Makeover Jennifer Garner Celebrity Makeover (3 today)
Show off your makeover skills by applying makeup to the actress Jennifer Garner.
Gas Station Girl Gas Station Girl (3 today)
Dress up the gas station attendant in different hair styles, outfits and accessories.
Night on the Town Night on the Town (3 today)
Dress up the girl for a night out on the town. Try different makeup and dresses on this girl to make her stunning.
Twilight Makeup Twilight Makeup (3 today)
Apply makeup to the stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson of the Twilight movie
Selena Gomez 2 Makeup Selena Gomez 2 Makeup (3 today)
Selena Gomez is a young celebrity actress that looks good naturally. Make her look even better by applying the correct makeup.
Keira Knightley Dressup Keira Knightley Dressup (3 today)
Keira Knightley is an English film and television star. She's known for co-starring in the films Bend It Like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Have fun dressing Keira up in elegant and formal attire.
Bratz Fashion Pixies Bratz Fashion Pixies (3 today)
There's a Pixie Party and your invited! But first you'll need to go on an enchanting journey to find it.

Most Popular

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Dressup Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Dressup (29,804 plays)
Happy Valentines. Enjoy a Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens celebrity dress up game. Dress up the couple for a date in Hollywood. Choose Zac Efrons shirt and pants and find the right dress and shoes for Vanessa Hudgens.
Bratz Fashion Pixies Bratz Fashion Pixies (17,155 plays)
There's a Pixie Party and your invited! But first you'll need to go on an enchanting journey to find it.
Barbie as Repunzel Barbie as Repunzel (11,658 plays)
Dress up Barbie as Repunzel. Click the paint spots to change her dress. Click on the brushes to change her hair and make her up to meet the prince
Christmas Barbie Dressup Christmas Barbie Dressup (10,790 plays)
It's Christmas time and Barbie looks swell in a Santa Outfit. Enjoy this barbie dressup game.
Twilight Makeup Twilight Makeup (10,440 plays)
Apply makeup to the stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson of the Twilight movie
John Cena Dressup John Cena Dressup (9,985 plays)
John Cena was a pro wrestler that has grown to fame as a movie actor in 12 rounds. Enjoy dressing this hunk in casual attire.
Selena Gomez 2 Makeup Selena Gomez 2 Makeup (9,567 plays)
Selena Gomez is a young celebrity actress that looks good naturally. Make her look even better by applying the correct makeup.
Cinderella Dressup Cinderella Dressup (8,784 plays)
Dress the fabulous Cinderella up in beautiful dress combinations.
Anahi Makeup Anahi Makeup (7,980 plays)
Makeup superstar celebrity Anahi. Anahi is a Mexican model and actress who is beautiful and popular. Makeup this celebrity and pick the right blush and tanning to fit her complexion. Pick Anahi's hair color and piercings and jewelery.
Leighton Meester Makeup Leighton Meester Makeup (7,751 plays)
Leighton is a young American actress and singer, who always looks good. Enjoy performing as a makeup artist and give her that special look.

Today's Most Unpopular

Barbie Party Barbie Party (0 today)
Barbie is ready to party. Dress her up in that perfect party fashion
Barbie in Gowns Barbie in Gowns (0 today)
Try different gowns on Barbie to make her beautiful.
Elvis Dressup Elvis Dressup (0 today)
Dress up Elvis Presley in clothes befitting the king. Have fun dressing Elvis!
Eminem Dressup Eminem Dressup (0 today)
Dress up the white rapper Slim Shady aka Eminem!
Britney & Christina Dressup Britney & Christina Dressup (0 today)
Dress up 2 stars in one celebrity game. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are known for their fashion taste.
Beyonce & Jennifer Lopez DressUp Beyonce & Jennifer Lopez DressUp (0 today)
Dress up both Beyonce and J.Lo! Two celebrities who dress in style in one game!
Dakota Fanning DressUp Dakota Fanning DressUp (0 today)
Dakota Fanning is a young actress with a bright future. Place some nice clothes on Dakota!
Vanessa Hudgens MakeUp Vanessa Hudgens MakeUp (0 today)
Vanessa is an actress and musician who was selected as spokesperson for Neutrogena, because she exhibits a beautiful complexion. Enjoy applying the perfect makeup touches to her face.
Julia Styles Makeup Julia Styles Makeup (0 today)
You'll love applying a makeover to Julia Styles. She's young, stylish and beautiful.Pick the perfect hair color, eye color, eye shadow and eyelashes.
Betty Doll Make Up Betty Doll Make Up (0 today)
Make up Betty Doll in her makeup room in front of her mirror. Put lipsticks and perfume on this makeup dresser for Betty Doll. This doll is ready for powder and foundation to make up herself.

All Time Underdogs

Tom Cruise Celebrity Makeover Tom Cruise Celebrity Makeover (2,461 plays)
Give a makeover to Tom Cruise, a popular actor known for the Mission Impossible movies.
Punk Halloween Dressup Punk Halloween Dressup (2,482 plays)
This girl loves Halloween and needs help in dressing up for a costume party.
Glamourous Paris Hilton Glamourous Paris Hilton (2,499 plays)
Dress up Paris Hilton with the glamour and high style outfits she demands as a celebrity.
Puppies Galore Puppies Galore (2,519 plays)
Help dress up the pretty girl in outfits that will make her look good while walking her cute puppies.
The Heart Breaker The Heart Breaker (2,519 plays)
Help this young lady turn heads and break hearts in cute outfits.
Kelly Clarkson Dressup Kelly Clarkson Dressup (2,520 plays)
Have fun dressing up the American Idol winner and popular pop singer Kelly Clarkson. Make her look as good as she sings.
St Patricks Sweetheart St Patricks Sweetheart (2,521 plays)
Celebrate St. Patricks Day by dressing this cute Irish girl in green outfits.
Trendy Maid Dressup Trendy Maid Dressup (2,522 plays)
Help dress the trendy house maid in beautiful dresses, uniforms and work outfits.
Rachel Weisz Dressup Rachel Weisz Dressup (2,522 plays)
Try dressing the popular English actress Rachel Weisz in spectacular outfits, dresses and accessories. She needs to look presentable for a photo shoot.
Marilyn Monroe Dressup Marilyn Monroe Dressup (2,523 plays)
Marilyn Monroe was a starlet and a beautiful woman known for her stylish dressing. Make this celebrity look good in different outfits.